Tanzania Catholic Directory is compiled regularly by The TEC Communications Directorate to serve  those who may be searching for addresses and  other information concerning parishes and individual pastoral workers in Tanzania, as it helps readers have a quick glimpse of the church in Tanzania.

The Bishop Secretaries with the help of other pastoral workers were charged with the responsibility of providing all relevant information for this directory. If, therefore, some information is missing, it is simply because it was not provided by those mandated to do so.

The TEC Communications Directorate is grateful to all those who committed themselves to the assignment of providing information for the directory.

Directory is never meant to be a permanent document as its information is subject to change regularly. Nevertheless, it is important for those involved in collecting information to have the courage to keep on renewing the present directory throughout the year so that when such information is required will be readily provided.

Rt. Rev. Eusebius Nzigilwa
Chairman of Communications Committee-TEC