Make It Possible: How Tax Commitments Can Move Tanzania towards Universal Health Coverage

The Interfaith Standing Committee for Economic Justice and the Integrity of Creation (ISCEJIC) is a faith-based committee comprising of religious leaders from Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT), Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC), and The National Muslim Council of Tanzania (BAKWATA).  The Committee was formed in 2008 to facilitate religious leaders to effectively advocate for social and economic justice.  This resolve emanates from the fact that advocating for the rights of the marginalized, the poor, and the voiceless is one of the cornerstones of our faith.

ÔÇ£Make It Possible: How Tax Commitments Can Move Tanzania towards Universal Health CoverageÔÇØ is another research-based report commissioned by the Interfaith Standing Committee. We thank God who empowered us with courage and strength during the whole path of preparing this report. Let this report depict three realities. The first one is related to the life and strength of the Interfaith Standing Committee and its commitment to serve communities in Tanzania for a better life. This report is therefore an expression of the Committees commitment to its mission and vision. The second reality is that no one person can do it all alone. This report, as it was with the previous ones, is a result of combined efforts of different key players who pulled together their energies, talents, knowledge, time, and human and financial resources. All these key players had one aim in common:  to make a better life possible for Tanzanians through access to universal health coverage. The third reality is the fact that challenges and obstacles along the way towards producing this report did not defeat and overcome us. The unity of will and the focus we had towards our common cause was the driving force inside each one of those who contributed to the conclusion of this report.


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Religious leaders addressing the media during the launch of One Billion Dollar Question report,
Photo by NCA