Pope in Morocco: Thank you for allowing me to be a servant of hope

Pope Francis visits Morocco  (Vatican Media

At the end of his closing Mass in MoroccoÔÇÖs Capital Rabat, Pope Francis expressed his desire to once more ÔÇ£bless the Lord for enabling me to make this journey in order to be, among you and with you, a servant of hopeÔÇØ.

He went on to express his gratitude to His Majesty King Mohammed VI for his invitation, as well as to the Authorities and ÔÇ£to all those who helped at every stage of this visitÔÇØ.

Pope FrancisÔÇÖ thanks then went to his ÔÇ£brother BishopsÔÇØ, the Archbishops of Rabat and Tangier, together with the priests, men and women religious and all the lay faithful who are present in Morocco ÔÇ£as servants of the ChurchÔÇÖs life and missionÔÇØ.  

ÔÇ£Thank youÔÇØ said Pope Francis, ÔÇ£for all that you did to prepare for this visit and for everything that we have shared in faith, hope and charityÔÇØ.

Finally, the Pope encouraged all those present to ÔÇ£persevere on the path of dialogueÔÇØ with our Muslim brothers and sisters, and urged them to be the servants of hope that ÔÇ£our world so urgently needsÔÇØ.



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