Diocese of TANGA

Area Sq. Kilometres  27,348

Population   1,600,000

No. Catholics  235,105




Voluntary Catechists


Historical Notes

The Diocese of Tanga comprises 34 parishes, which make four Deaneries of Tanga, Korogwe, Handeni and Lushoto. Population of the people of Tanga is 1,600,000. Out of this population 235,105 are Catholics. Other religious with a good number of followers are Moslems, Lutherans and Anglicans.

The Diocese of Tanga covers the size of Tanga Region. Tanga region is in the coast of the India Ocean, about 50 degrees South of Equator. North of Tanga Region is Kilimanjaro Region and the Republic people of Kenya; West is Arusha and Dodoma Regions; South is Pwani and Morogoro Regions; East there is Indian Ocean.

The Region occupies an area of 27,348 sq. km. The Region is administratively divided into 8 districts namely Handeni, Korogwe, Muheza, Lushoto(found in the Usambara Mountains), Kilindi, Tanga, Pangani and Mkinga. There are 37 divisions, 136 wards and 538 villages.

Coastal areas through out the year are hot with high humidity. In the Mountains area is cold especially during June up to October, but November up to May is a bit warm. Usambara Mountains occupy an area of 80-Km. Width, 200 Km. Long and 2,400 meter height.


The Right Rev. Anthony Banzi, born on 28th October 1946 at Tawa, Morogoro. Ordained Priest on 29th July 1973. Appointed Bishop of Tanga on 24th June 1994. Consecrated Bishop of Tanga on 15th September 1994.



BishopÔÇÖs House, Raskazone

P.O. Box 1108, Tanga.

Phone: Residence: +2552726242417 Office: +255 272 642 834

Fax: +2552726243548. E-mail: ambanzi@hotmail.com



  • Eug├®ne Cornelius Arthurs, I.C. ÔÇá (9 Jun 1950 Appointed - 15 Dec 1969 Resigned)
  • Maurus Gervase Komba ÔÇá (15 Dec 1969 Appointed - 18 Jan 1988 Resigned)
  • Telesphore Mkude (18 Jan 1988 Appointed - 5 Apr 1993 Appointed, Bishop of Morogoro)
  • Anthony Banzi (10 Jun 1994 Appointed - )


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