Diocese of MBEYA

Area Sq. Kilometres    60,348 (23,309 Square Miles)

Population           2,707,410

No. Catholics          316,471     

Historical Notes

On 18th July 1932 was elevated from Prefecture Apostolic of Tukuyu to Mission ÔÇ£Sui LurisÔÇØ of Tukuyu(erected). On 29th March 1938 was elevated from Mission Luris of Tukuyu to Prefecture Apostolic of Tukuyu. On 14th July1949 was elevated from Prefecture Apostolic of Tukuyu to Vicariate Apostolic of Mbeya then elevated from Vicariate Apostolic of Mbeya on 25th March 1953 to Diocese of Mbeya. On 25th March 1972 Territory Lost from Diocese of Dododma, Diocese of Mbeya, Diocese pf Mbulu to Diocese of Singida(erected).


The Right Rev. Evarist Marcus Chengula IMC born on 1st January 1941, at Mdabulo in the Diocese of Iringa.  Ordained Priest on 15th October, 1970 and elected Bishop on 8th November, 1996.  Consecrated Bishop of Mbeya on 2nd February 1997 at Mbeya.


BishopÔÇÖs House

P.O. Box 179/MBEYA

Tel: +255252502176

Fax: +255252500292

Email: bishopmby@yahoo.com



Max Theodor Franz Donders, M. Afr. ÔÇá (11 Nov 1932 Appointed - 1938 Died)

Ludwig Haag, M. Afr. ÔÇá (8 Apr 1938 Appointed - 12 May 1947 Resigned)

Antoon van Oorschoot, M. Afr. ÔÇá (17 Oct 1947 Appointed - 10 Dec 1964 Died)

James Dominic Sangu ÔÇá (3 May 1966 Appointed - 28 Nov 1996 Retired)


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