The church should be transparent on income and expenditure on Lay faithful contributions

The Tanzania Chief of Defense Forces and Security in Tanzania (CDF), General Venance Mabeyo has insisted that priests and bishops must ensure there is transparency on the different contributions coming from the Laity so as to increase their morale of sacrificing for the Church.
Genera Mabeyo said this during the 50th anniversary of Lay Apostolate in Tanzania on June 16, 2019 where he was Guest of Honour.
He acknowledge that there are positive things going on in the Church, especially the collaboration of parish priests and Lay movements.  
“I real appreciate the Lay Apostolate in the Church, especially when they sacrifice to build beautiful churches, presbyteries, schools, hospitals, etc. This shows that we have grown as a Church in Tanzania, becoming missionaries of our time,” he said.
However, he outlined some of the challenges that arise in the Church and suggested to bishops to work on them in order to improve service delivery and the development of the Church.
He further urged the lay faithful to obey the authority in the Church even when they see that they are more knowledgeable than the Church leaders.
He said some priests face challenges to evangelize among people who have more education and wealth than them because those the people think they are better than their leader, hence they find it difficult to obey. This makes the work of evangelization difficult.
He went on to say there is a need for the Catholic Church to educate the laity about giving and contributing to the Church,  adding that some Christians do not understand why they should contribute.
 “Christians must receive more education. Let them know why there are Church contributions, “he continued
However, he also emphasized that Church leaders must demonstrate transparency on the revenues and expenditures regarding the funds provided through lay contributions for the development of the Church.
“It is important for Church leadership to be clear on the incomes and expenditures as  this will give the believers motivation to be more generous heart. It is clear that foreign aid is no longer available, so we must be missionaries of our own,” said Mabeho.


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