Archdiocese of SONGEA

Area Sq. Kilometres   38,600 (14,909 Square Miles)

Population  594,000

No. Catholics   321,000

Historical Notes

Hence, Rev. Fr. Maurus Hartmann  undertook the necessary steps to have it changed. On 10th July,1897 a Papal decree was issued incorporat- ing the South Western part of the Country into the Prefecture Apostolic of South Zanzibar.

Rev. Fr. Cassian Spiess played a very important role in establishing Peramiho Mission on 31st July, 1898 and then Kigonsera Mission in 1899. On 15th September,1902 the Prefecture Apos- tolic of South Zanzibar was raised to a Vicari- ate Apostolic. Unfortunately, this zealous priest was killed durinthe MajiMaji Resistance in

1905 together with the other missionaries; Per- amiho and Kigonsera Missions were destroyed. However, the Right Reverend Bishop Thomas Spreiter who became the new Vicar Apostolic reconstructed the two Missions.

On the 12th of November, 1913 the Prefecture Apostolic of Lindi was erected and Rev. Fr. Wil- libroad Lay was the first Prefect of Apostolic of Lindi. On 15th December, 1927 the ecclesiasti- cal jurisdiction of Lindi became ÔÇ£Abbatia Nul- lius de Lindi and on 15th February, 1928 Rev. Fr. Gallus Steiger became the First Abbot Nul- lius of LindiÔÇØ. The date 22nd December,1931 saw the creation of the Abbey Nullius of Ndan- da and Abbey Nullius of Peramiho that means Abbatia Nullius de Lindi was split into two Ab- bey Nullius, Abbot Gallus Steiger became Ab- bot-bishop of Abbey Nullius of Peramiho.

Thanks be to God that in 1943 there was the first ordination of two local priests, viz.Rev. Fr. Gervas Ntara and Rev. Fr. Simon Stock Kapin- ga, and on 23rd September,1953 Abbot-bishop Eberhard Spiess was nominated as the Abbot- bishop of the Abbey Nullius of Peramiho. And in 1962 Reverend Fr. James Komba was ap- pointed an Auxiliary bishop of Peramiho.

On  6th February,1969 the Apostolic Constitu- tion ÔÇ£Quod Santa ÔÇ£ raised the Abbey Nullius of Peramiho to the status of a diocese with its See at Songea. On  24th December,1986

Songea diocese was divided into Mbinga and Songea dioceses; The Rt.Rev. Bishop Emmanuel Mapunda being the first bishop of the new dio- cese of Mbinga and Bishop James J. Komba The Ordinary of Songea Diocese. The latter passed away on 1st February, 1992 and his place was taken by His Grace Archbishop Norbert W. Mtega who was appointed Archbishop of Son- gea on 6th July 1992and was installed in Songea on 20th September, 1992. On May 15, 2013 he retired and Bishop Tarcius Ngalalekumtwa was appointed Apostolic

Administrator of the Archdiocese of Songea till March 14, 2014 when Rt. Rev. Damian Denis Dallu Bishop of Geita Diocese was Appointed Archbishop of Songea. and  installed on May 18, 2014



The Most Rev. Damian Denis Dallu, born at Kiponzelo, Iringa Diocese on the 26th  of April 1955. Ordained Priest on the 15th November , 1984;  Appointed Bishop of Geita  14th April,2000 and on  30th July 2000 was ordained Bishop . Appointed Archbishop of Songea on 14th March, 2014 and  installed in Songea on 18th May, 2014




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  • Willibrord Lay, O.S.B. ÔÇá (25 Nov 1913 Appointed - 1922 Resigned)
  • Gallus (Bernhard) Steiger, O.S.B. ÔÇá (22 Feb 1922 Appointed - 6 Dec 1952 Resigned)
  • Eberhard (Hermann) Spiess, O.S.B. ÔÇá (23 Sep 1953 Appointed - 6 Feb 1969 Resigned)
  • James Joseph Komba ÔÇá (6 Feb 1969 Appointed - 1 Feb 1992 Died)
  • Norbert Wendelin Mtega (6 Jul 1992 Appointed - 15 May 2013 Resigned)
  • Damian Denis Dallu (14 Mar 2014 Appointed - )


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