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‘We must guide couples in seeking perfect partners’ Bishop Rwoma

By Pascal Mwanache, DSM

The Bishop of Catholic Diocese of Bukoba, Rt. Rev Desderius Rwoma has pointed out that marriage and divorce are issues that have lost proper interpretations to most of catholic teenagers, hence pose challenges in marriage life.

He has also underlined the importance of marriage preparation courses saying that engaged couples truly must understand and have faith in a Christian marriage, by putting forward a religious point of view so much as explaining why and how marriages can work, flourish and be fruitful over the long haul.

Bishop Rwoma emphasized that preparations towards the sacrament of marriage has lost its vision whereby many couples tend to put an emphasis on feelings related matters rather than spiritual preparations, and most of them cannot wait until marriage to cohabitate.

“In our Church nowadays we can vividly see an increase number of lay people who are getting married. But the point that demands an attention is not just getting married rather is how to stay together forever. It is also surprising that nowadays couples choose to live together without getting married in the Church,” he said.

He added that couples that choose to live together without getting married are committing sin, saying that it is a tendency of teenage Catholics not to see the value of getting married, having fresh families, and having their children baptized on time.

He has eluded other challenges facing young people who are preparing for marriage that most of couples don’t attend courses on marriage preparation since marriage as a sacrament requires lengthy preparation.

He has encouraged young people to seek the advice from parents and priests so that they can show them how, by following the Church’s timeless teaching, they can make a lifelong success of their marriage.