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The Church, the Government,Tanzanians mourn Bishop Msemwa’s demise.

By Our Reporter

At last, the Bishop of Tunduru Masasi Diocese, late Castory Msemwa has been laid to rest inside the Saint Francisko Cxavery Cathedral, in the Diocese of Tunduru Masasi. The event took place on 25th October this year.

During his Homily, the Archbishop of Songea Archdiocese Most. Rev Damian Dallu said the Church has lost a Bishop who has been aware of his responsibilities.

“Job is a measure of a person’s status and dignity. The late Msemwa did various developmental activities including creating different projects such as building schools to eliminate ignorance, clinics, churches etc. He did so with passion and love. We will remember him for many things he did for the Church and the society. We have a lot to learn from him,” the Archbishop said.

The Apostolic Nuncio to Tanzania, Archbishop Marek Solczyński has appealed that the Holy Father has been tormented by the death of Bishop Msemwa. He pointed out that he is together with all bishops of the Catholic Church in Tanzania, priests, religious and all believers mourning the demise of Bishop Msemwa.

The Apostolic Nuncio added that he was personally disturbed by the death of Bishop Msemwa because he was among the first bishops who welcomed him when he arrived in Tanzania to begin his mission.

“The late Bishop Msemwa informed me of his illness though he had the hope of surviving, but God has planned differently.When he came with other bishops to greet me, he seemed to be smiling, gentle, happy, lovingly and loved by others.I will always remember the Bishop, the loving Bishop and I believe God has received him well in heaven, “said the Pope’s Ambassador.

The Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples has given condolences to the Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC), the priests, religious and believers of the Diocese of TUNDURU Masasi.

The Chairman of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, Cardinal Fernando Filoni pointed out that he offers a special prayer to the Virgin Mary so that Bishop Msemwa will be well received in the heaven.

Giving greetings from the President of the United Republic of Tanzania Dr. John Magufuli, the Minister of Policy, Parliamentary Affairs, Labour, Employment, Youth and the Disabled, Hon.Jenista Mhagama said that the President is giving condolences to the Catholic Church in the country and joins the believers, the priests, the bishops and the religious during the difficult time.

She said, the Government recognizes the Catholic Church’s contribution particularly in the Diocese of TUNDURU-Masasi because Bishop Msemwa was a special joint for the interreligious groups to bring unity and peace in TUNDURU-Masasi. That government recognizes it and is grateful for its presence.

The District Commissioner for Tunduru, Zuberi Homera said Bishop Msemwa was really encouraging the government in Tunduru and Masasi to stop allocating the government services only but to recognize various activities and services offered by the Church.

“Bishop Msemwa has changed my behavior in my daily responsibilities by making me a servant of all the people regardless of their ideologies. He has united us with various religions, has united various religions into one thing for the peace and unity in our District. I will remember him always for this because he has helped the government to succeed in that field,” the DC pointed out.

The former Speaker of the United Republic of Tanzania Parliament, Hn.Anna Makinda has pointed out that since independence, TUNDURU and Masasi areas  have been steadily backward in terms of development.

“When I was a Member of Parliament in my province, we were able to have water because the Bishop at that time walked in the forest searching for water sources.We were successful and later when he was selected as a Bishop, we were unhappy as the government because we had lost a hard working man.The bishop had great ideas and implementable. He did not talk much but actions were seen. We thank him that TUNDURU and Masasi would not develop without him,” she said.