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TEC Social Communications Directorate launches a DVD album

Pascal Mwanache

People have a basic role of using their talents and abilities, as well as wealth, in God’s service and serving others as faithful stewards of God’s grace, a Parish Priest of St. Antony Marry Claret Michungwani-Kimara, Fr. Wolfgang Silayo CMF has said.

The call was recently made while Fr. Wolfgang Silayo was preaching about the Gospel “parable of the talents” (Mt 25:14-30), which went together with the launching of the new DVD album “NIONGOZE MAMA WA YESU” produced by the Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC) Directorate of Social Communications composed of catching songs prepared by the “KWAYA YA VIJANA YA MTAKATIFU SESILIA” of St. Anthony Maria Claret Parish, Michungwani Kimara. Fr. Silayo said that God wants people to steward those gifts for Him, thus, dividing people basing on ethnic differences is not the work of God.

“Each of us has unique talents and abilities. We have different gifts, according to the grace given to us. If you think your talents are simply for you to make a lot of money, retire, and die, you have missed the point of your life. God gave you talents to benefit others, not yourself. And God gave other people talents that benefit you,” He said.

He also added that God has given everybody a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts, therefore the laity must utilize them effectively to serve one another.

“This bundle of talents is the thing God has given you that makes you who you are, but should not be something that sets you apart from other people” he commented.

The recently launched DVD album (Niongoze Mama wa Yesu) is the composition of 10 old songs of Virgin Mary produced by earliest composers (between 80’s and 90’s) such as Pascal Mwarabu, John Mgandu, Fr. Gregory Kayetta and Fr. David Ntapambata.

The DVD aims at evangelizing, introducing Virgin Mary to followers to make them glorify her as well as preserving the sacred music.