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RUCU 10th Graduation; The Government commend TEC

By Getrude Madembwe, Ruaha.

The Deputy Minister for Industries, Trade and Investment Eng. Stella Manyanya has congratulated the Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC) for its efforts, creativity and wisdom following its decision to invest in education sector for the liberation of Tanzania.

Engineer Manyanya said that during the 10th Graduation Ceremony of the Ruaha Catholic University (RUCU), held recently at the University premises and attended by the Chairman of the Ruaha Catholic University Council, His Eminency Bishop Alfred Maluma of the Diocese of Njombe, graduates of various courses and invited guests from different places.

Manyanya pointed out that the Catholic Church through TEC has become a major supporter of education sector in the country before and after independence, also working closely with the Government in ensuring better provision of other social services including health and building infrastructure.

“I would also like to use this opportunity to commend the Catholic Church in Tanzania for the great effort especially in promoting and improving education in Tanzania, the Church has become a great education, health and peace maker using its intellectuals, and I congratulate TEC for the abundant initiatives, “said Engineer Manyanya.

She further pointed out that education is the main weapon in the fight against ignorance, sickness and poverty, as the essence of any country in the world.

She added that when you overcome ignorance, illness and poverty it becomes easier to achieve a good level of development in the country, and advanced countries invested in education, utilized people’s well-being and coping with the challenges ahead of them.

“Today, several graduates are awarded with various certificates which indicates  that they have graduated from various academic levels, it is my belief that these graduates have found sufficient support to cope with the challenges of the present world particularly in the “Tanzania ya Viwanda”. We hope that our graduates will fit in the said philosophy,” she pointed out.

Earlier, the RUCU Vice Chancellor Dr. Cephas Mgimwa said the college was initiated by the efforts of the TEC with the government support in 2005 starting with the admission of 524 students for certificate courses and degree in information technology and communication.

According to Dr. Mgimwa the average number of students for various courses has risen to 5,212 during the 2017/18 academic year.