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Priests should not segregate followers -Archbishop Ruzoka

 By Thomas Mambo

The Archbishop of Tabora Archdiocese Most Rev. Paul Ruzoka has appealed that he is discouraged by seminarists who join priesthood life for a short time and leave.

He pointed that during the Ordination of Deacon Edwin Kanse (M. Africa) and Francis Kiguli which took place at the Archdiocesan Cathedral.

“A seminarist who has been prepared for almost nine years fails to make proper decision and discernment whether he has this vocation or not, after all the blessings during Ordination he goes to serve for short time and join lay vocation.

We have to emphasize our seminarists to make proper decisions and know how to overcome challenges including digital limitations so that they can serve the Church as Jesus Christ did.”

He added, “God calls a person to serve him and in responding to his call, we must respect him first instead of denying him. He calls us who are weak to serve strong creatures in the World full of challenges. So let there be proper decisions.”

Quoting Pope Pio Xii Archbishop Ruzoka insisted that, a priest is not ordained for his own benefits rather the Church. He said a priest is not there to get allowance for what he does or richness, rather he is there for the benefit of the family of God.

“Priesthood is not a guessing life neither a vocation that one pips in and goes. It is not a come and see time, that should be in the first year after completing Secondary School education. It is a lifetime Holy vocation, and this should be clearly respected. It is a shame a priest leaving this life because of the world’s challenges while he knew the challenges even before joining the seminary. We should not entertain this.

The Church does not ordain people who do not fit just because we have a shortage of priests in the Church. Let us be serious in training youths to become priests who real respect God’s call and values of the Church. Let us ordain those who real love the Church and have made proper decisions of becoming priests.”