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Establish Ngara Police Zone- Bishop Niwe-Mugizi tells the new IGP

By our Reporter

Bishop of the Diocese of Rulenge-Ngara, Right Reverend Severine Niwe-Mugizi has requested the newly elected IGP Simon Sirro to form a new Police special Zone in the Diocese of Rulenge-Ngara to end criminal incidents taking place.

Most of the areas neighboring borders with other countries especially Kagera and Kigoma have experienced many crime scenes as the result of illegal immigrants or refugees from Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda.

Recently, President John Magufuli appointed the former Police Commissioner Simon Sirro, to become the Chief of Tanzania Police Army replacing Ernest Mangu, who according to the State House will be assigned another job.

While different people urged him to deal with killings committed by unidentified persons at Kibiti and other areas in the Coastal Region, armed robbery and bad relationship with some political parties and his army, the IGP said he has prepared to fight against criminal incidents with all efforts. Speaking to the reporter, Rt Rev. Niwe-Mugizi said that, although he has often been making this request, but it has not been implemented, he will not give up his role of reminding the society and Government what is important for the welfare of the community.

“Nobody seems to take care of what I always request; it is as if I am saying nothing. I have said until becoming tired, maybe let us wait and see what will happen.” He said.

Right Rev. Niwe-Mugizi said the Diocese of Rulenge-Ngara that ecclesiastical involves Ngara, Chato and Biharamulo districts, has many security challenges since it is neighboring countries that often have disputes and so is easily accessible by illegal immigrants or refugees who some of them posses illegal firearms used to commit crimes in the country.

“I request the new IGP, to hear us that we should not wait until things become worse. That is why I request the police army and the Government in general to look at this area keenly and make it special police zone. This will enhance security in the area.

” He said due to the tense interaction with neighboring countries, he believes that many weapons used in various places in the country for criminal matters, pass through these areas so solution should come sooner rather than waiting for further harm to occur.