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Bishops of Eastern metropolitan in Tanzania emphasize families to have devotion to the Holy Eucharist

Sarah Pelaji, Tanzania

Bishops of the Eastern metropolitan of Tanzania have insisted all families in Tanzania to have special devotion to the Holy Eucharist and initiate their children for the family stability and ongoing on evangelization.

The Bishops said this during the  two days Eucharist Symposium held at Msimbazi Centre in the Arch Diocese of Dar es Salaam lead by the theme “The Holy Eucharist source of Family Life”

In his homily the Arch Bishop of Archdiocese of Dar es Salaam His Eminence Polycarp Cardinal Pengo insisted families to focus on the Eucharistic significance of evangelization in order to build more solidarity in the family.

He said the power of the Holy Eucharist on the basis of Scripture begins when Jesus Christ was arrested, tortured, died and rose then his disciples began to preach the gospel to people in the world. So families should bring that gospel to their daily lives for ongoing on evangelization.

“Evangelization in the family is a continuation of missionary work, so in preparation for the 150th anniversary of the evangelization in Tanzania  next year each one of you should participates fully to make sure that the event succeed  while celebrating the success of our first missionaries who give us assignment of being missionaries in our today’s world,” said Cardinal Pengo.

Cardinal Pengo on behalf of other bishops of the metropolitan said, there is no family without Holy Eucharist. So if they ignore the Holy Eucharist there is no life.

“ In order to help families devotion to the Holy Eucharist, We bishops of Eastern Metropolitan have decided to come up with some resolutions which will help you pray for family stability, blessings and evangelization;

We have agreed to have the Eucharistic Symposium in the Eastern Metropolitan after every three years.

This being the first symposium, the second symposium of the Holy Eucharist in the Eastern metropolitan will be conducted in Catholic Diocese of  Zanzibar in June 2019. We have planned 2019 instead of 2020 because in 2020 Tanzania will have General election, “said Cardinal Pengo.

He also said that in order to promote and maintain the worship and honor to the Holy Eucharist, bishops have said each Diocese in the metropolitan should build Perpetual Adoration Chapels, where the Sacred Sacrament will be exposed and worshiped 24 hours a day.

These churches should be built in all parts of the Eastern Region and believers are supposed to participate in the worship of the Holy Eucharist for the grace of redemption.

In order to enable the believers to have the regular worship of the Holy Eucharist, all parishes within the metropolitan should have adoration one day per week and all families are insisted to participate.

“The church should commit to promote children and train them to be good Christian who know the meaning of the Holy Eucharist and recognition of the role of the Holy Eucharist  in their Christian life.

Families and parishes must become catechism centers and continuous doctrinal of the Holy Eucharist for their children. .

We appeal to the priests, monks, catechists, parents and guardians to uphold the mission of the Holy Childhood and to enable all children to become members of the Holy Childhood Organization which is an essential tool for promoting faith to our children,” insisted Cardinal Pengo who is the head of the Eastern metropolitan.

He emphasized that Couples who are ready to receive a sacrament of matrimony and those who have already received the Sacrament should be given catechism and extensive teaching about the Eucharist to realize that the happiness and love of their marriage depends directly on their union with the Eucharist.

Without the Holy Eucharist there is no divine life within the family, “emphasized Cardinal Pengo.

The two days symposium was attended by thousand of faithful including Bishop Anthony Banzi of  Catholic Diocese of  Tanga, Bishop Augustine Shao of Catholic Diocese of Zanzibar, Bishop Agapit Ndorobo of Mahenge Diocese, Bishop Euzebius Nzigilwa the Auxiliary Bishop of Arch Diocese of Dar es Salaam.

The metropolitan includes Catholic Diocese of Tanga, Mahenge, Ifakara, Morogoro, Zanzibar and Arch Diocese of D es Salaam .