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Be Patriots-Bishop Mapunda urges Jordan University College graduates

By, Our Reporter.

The Bishop of the Diocese of Singida, Right Reverend Edward Mapunda has urged all graduates in the country to utilize effectively skills and knowledge acquired during their studies and make sure they respect human dignity and liberate human from many challenges.

Bishop Mapunda appealed that during the 5th Graduation of the Jordan University College in Morogoro whereby a total of 1,305 graduates have graduated in different courses.

He said that, graduates should put more emphasis on what they learnt, to be the reason for serving Tanzanians without being selfish.

“Our education should help other Tanzanians, we should not study hard without caring for the needs of our fellows, if we study while our fellows continue suffering then our education will be for nothing. We should make efforts to combat poverty, diseases and ignorance.”

The Singida Catholic Diocese Bishop has appealed to graduates to avoid corruption amongst them, because corruption is an enemy of justice and even the scriptures say that corrupt people will never enter the heaven because they have dirty hands.

However, graduates have been advised to use their education for the benefit of all and think that their professionals are for national development, not for self wealth accumulation, which might result into conflicts and violation of human rights. “I invite you all graduates who managed to graduate today to hold what you acquired for our education to be profitable. What is the profit of our education if the graduate is just a thief, robbing his nation and a liar?, let us add efforts to give glory to God, “said the Bishop. In addition, the Bishop has urged graduates to be honest and obedient in various positions at work, including obedience to the Government and aiming at serving Tanzanians in resolving their challenges for national development.