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Be creative-IHDP implementers urged

By Dalphina Rubyema, DSM

DEVELOPMENT projects implementers were advised to be creative in order to fit in the market competition at national and international levels, hence improve performance of their programmes.

In the photo: The Tanzania Episcopal Conference Secretary General Fr. Raymond Saba (Center), insisting something during the recent meeting at Kurasini Centre (Picture by Dalphina Rubyema)

The Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC) Secretary General Fr. Raymond Saba appealed that during the opening of the two days meeting which involved top implementers of Integral Human Dignity Project (IHDP), implemented under the supervision of TEC, sponsored by the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) in several districts within the country.

Fr. Saba said that, though the implementation of this project has brought positive results particularly on the issue of empowering beneficiaries economically, but more efforts are needed including finding out ways on how to add values to the products produced by the beneficiaries through their Inter-Religious Village Community Bank groups.

“It is true that the project improved the livelihood of the people at the grass root level, but it is better for us to learn from our fellows who implement the same projects… this will make us to be more successful and I think it is not an offense or sin to learn from others,” he said.

Apart from that, Fr. Saba insisted all participants of the meeting to have senses of financial discipline in running several projects so that to utilize funds approved for specific intended activities. Contrary to that, they will lose trust from donors hence become unsuccessful in developmental projects.

“We must be careful enough in understanding the value of money brought to us by different development partners…there is no shortcut …when we sign the contract with them means we agreed all conditions regarding the proper use of their money. Therefore I insist on having all required documents including receipts,” he insisted.

The recent meeting which took place at TEC Kurasini, Dar es Salaam gave an opportunity to participants to discuss successes, challenges and to come up with the way forward for the implementation of some projects for next year (2018).